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  • The world today is a busy place and everyone has a million things going on each day. This can lead to being a bit forgetful, which is often what causes someone to end up locked out of their home or even their vehicle. When this happens, the best action to take is to call a reputable locksmith in your area. A professional can help you get access to your home. These experts can also offer upgrades to your home to make this a problem of the past. A keyless entry system, smart lock, or electronic lock makes a great choice if convenience matters to you.

    If you’re in a situation where you are locked out, the first thing you want to do is try not to panic. There are several solutions that might work for you, depending on the specifics of what is happening. We will share a number of tips to get you into your home or car without wasting time or money that you may not have to spread around. Read on to find out what your options are. But panicking can make the situation seem worse and will make it harder to make the right decisions. Take time to check every lock to be sure you don’t have a way inside before moving on.

    Take Out Your Phone

    If you have your cell phone, you’re already doing better than you could be, so don’t take that for granted. Do you have roommates or family members who have a key to your home? If you do, give them a quick call and see if they would be willing to come home and grant access to the house.

    You might not want to be an inconvenience, but being stranded outside can be an emergency, so just pluck up your courage and do it. Those who are in rentals can also try calling up the landlord. In most cases, they will have a copy of the keys and can stop by and help. However, be sure you have proof of who you are to ensure you are allowed inside if they can come help.

    Look for Unlocked Windows

    Calling a locksmith is a good plan if nobody else can come to help you, but you can also look for unlocked windows. It is best that you never leave the windows unlocked, but accidents happen. On the off-chance that you did so, you may be able to pull off the screen, open the window, and pull yourself into the house this way. However, be aware that this can put you off balance when entering the house. You should also be mindful of any items that might be lurking underneath the window, such as tables, lamps, or televisions.

    Visit the Neighbors

    Neighbors may have a method to help you get back into your home, which makes it worth a shot to seek them out to help you. There are ways to open a door using a credit card, screwdriver, or coat hanger, so if you know any of those techniques, a neighbor may be able to assist you by offering one of those items or even helping you get the door open itself. However, if you go with this method, be aware that these tools can scratch or damage your door. Be very cautious and do not go through with this unless you are sure about your skill going into the situation. The last thing you want to do is end up worsening the problem by damaging the lock or the door. If you are lacking a phone, the neighbor can also be a good choice to get in touch with a locksmith to help you out with getting into your house.

    Grab a Credit Card

    Have your wallet or purse with you? If so, dig in there and find a piece of identification or a credit card. This method of getting the door open won’t always work, but it’s worth a try just in case. What you want to do is take the card and place it between the door and its frame. While it’s positioned there, press the handle and jiggle with a bit of force to see if you can dislodge the lock. In some cases, you can even use the card to hit the lock mechanism just right and then press against it with the card to unlock it. However, this can take a lot of time and effort, but it probably is better to get a professional out there. You can give it a try though and see how lucky you get with your attempts.

    Remove the Door Knob

    If you got in touch with the neighbor and have their help, you may be able to take off the door knob to gain access to your home. You will need a screwdriver or knife, hammer, and paperclip to do this and having someone else present may make the process a little bit easier. The first thing you want to do is take the screwdriver and remove each of the screws from the handle on the door and then take out the screws in the hinges with a paperclip.

    This can take a bit of time but less than going with the credit card method. If you have a second person there, you can likely manage to do it and get inside.

    Call a Local Locksmith

    If you’ve made it this far and need help, you are going to want to call a professional locksmith. This person is an expert at getting into locks, even without having a key available. Locksmiths exist to handle this type of situation and can guarantee that no damage will be caused by their work. While it will cost something to have a locksmith visit you, that peace of mind can be worth the minimal cost of their services. Even the most inaccessible home can usually be opened up in less than an hour with the tools and experience only a locksmith has. Make sure to call someone reputable who has a reputation for doing a great job. Internet reviews will give you an idea of which company to go with.

    What to Do After You’ve Made it Inside

    Now that you have access to your home, the first thing you want to do is avoid getting in this situation again in the future. There are numerous options here and you can choose the one that resonates with you the best.

    Switch to a Keyless Doorknob

    This might seem like a strange suggestion, but a keyless doorknob is one option to avoid getting locked out of your house. If you have a deadbolt, as well, and you need a key to lock it from the outside, you have to have your key to do that. This means you aren’t going to lock the door from the inside, go to work, come home and realize you left your key inside. On top of that, a deadbolt is a more secure option for keeping your home locked up tight.

    However, if you aren’t interested in dealing with a deadbolt or don’t have one installed, try a different option.

    Change Your Locks to Smart Locks

    If you’re open to making an investment, there is a final solution for you. Why not install smart locks? This lock is one that can be unlocked without the need for a key. There are several different types of smart locks that work in all sorts of different manners. Some of the offer a keypad with a numerical combination, others are unlocked using fingerprints, and some even scan your eyes to unlock. You’ll want to do a bit of research and determine the best lock for your needs. Be aware that a battery is used to charge the lock, so you’ll want to be sure it’s always charged. Some blink or beep to let you know when the charge is running low.

    Hide a Lock Box Instead of a Key

    Lots of people hide a key outside to prevent being locked out. However, that also means anyone who finds the key can get inside the home.

    Burglars often look around at typical places keys will be hidden to find a way into a home. Since this is something they do on a regular basis, you can be that they are fairly good at it. Rather than buying a hide-a-key rock or something similar, think about having a lockbox hidden away instead. Give the code to the people who live there so they can get inside if they lose their key. The lockbox doesn’t have to be hidden but doing so gives you an extra level of security.

    Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to do the next time you have trouble getting into your home. Have a locksmith’s number in your phone to make the process easier or think about installing a smart lock so the problem is no longer an issue. Good luck!

    Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to do the next time you have trouble getting into your home. Have a locksmith’s number in your phone to make the process easier or think about installing a smart lock so the problem is no longer an issue. Good luck!


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