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  • Do you have a Toyota? What happens when you lose your car key? It turns out getting a new one isn’t always so easy. There’s a transponder chip inside the key that makes it work with your engine immobilizer—that’s the anti-theft system that keeps people from hot-wiring and stealing your Toyota.

    Lost your car keys?

    So what should you do if you lose your car keys? Don’t panic! You can find some inexpensive options, if you know where to look. If you’ve lost your key or damaged it, finding a replacement is just like replacing any other part of your car: look for the best deal, because sometimes, there are low-quality knockoffs floating around out there, and you want to avoid them in order to make sure your key works correctly!

    How to Get a New Toyota Key

    The process of replacing your Toyota’s key or smart key fob starts with getting an estimate from the local locksmith. You can do this by phone, or online. You should have the following information with you:
    – Vehicle registration
    – Valid driver’s license
    – A credit or debit card in your name or cash

    How Much New Toyota Key Costs?

    To get a new key, you will have to pay a blank key fee and a programming fee. For a standard key, the fee is $100-$200. For a smart key fob, the fee is $250-$350. The cost of these keys may be higher if you have a newer model vehicle. In addition, some Toyota models require two keys to be programmed at once. This means that if you lose both of your keys, you will have to pay for two new keys at the same time before your vehicle can be started again, even if you only need one new key for now. If you want to prevent this from happening in the future, ask about purchasing an extra set of keys from the locksmith before leaving.