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Mobile Locksmith

Have you ever needed the services of a mobile locksmith? If so, it is likely that it was due to a car lockout situation. At Locksmith Pro, we get a lot of these calls for a mobile locksmith and encounter customers who find themselves unable to get into the car for any number of reasons.

Call Mobile Locksmith for Any Reason

The most common reasons include:

In some of these instances, the car might be running, the person’s belongings are all inside of the car, and we’ve even encountered a pet in the car. Naturally, this can add tension to an already frustrating moment, and it is way you will always want to have the name and contact information of a reputable mobile locksmith on hand.

After all, you don’t really want to look for reviews, do a bit of double checking and price comparing during a car lockout emergency.

Locksmith Services

However, this is not the only time you will require a mobile locksmith. After all, at Locksmith Pro, we offer car locksmith services, but we also provide our customers with residential locksmith work and a long list of other locksmith services. Bringing our tools and expertise to you ensures that we can meet every need, and not only the emergency locksmith scenarios.

Let’s take a few minutes to explore each of our service areas and how a mobile locksmith can be the ideal solution to any issues with keys or locks.

Car Locksmith Services

When thinking of mobile locksmith services, most of us think of our cars, and it makes sense. After all, it is usually the trusted mobile locksmith who saves the day when we’ve locked ourselves out of the car. Yet, it is also the skilled locksmith for cars who can help out if the key broke in the ignition, if the fob or transponder key is suddenly not working, or if the car simply needs to be re-keyed or have new lock installation done. This is a common issue when you’ve purchased a car privately and need to be sure that you are the only person who is able to access the vehicle.

Mobile Car Locksmith Services

The good news about most car locksmith services is that the mobile locksmith can come to you. This is good news for those experiencing a car lockout, but also for those who don’t actually need an emergency locksmith visit. For instance, let’s say that you did just buy a used car from a person and not a dealership. Our mobile locksmith can visit your home or your workplace and do the job while you get on with your day. They can cut the new keys or make the new keys required and even discuss any changes to the fob that you might need.

New Car Keys

Our car locksmith can come to you in the event your car was burglarized or someone attempted it and now the locks are damaged or the ignition is harmed. We can re-key the car if you’d like, or change locks. Maybe you have a classic car or truck and the trunk, toolbox or other gear needs a new lock installation? We can come to your site and handle that, as well.

Residential Locksmith Services

We also make a long list of residential locksmith options available, and these are the most obvious for our mobile locksmith services. After all, you can’t really bring the property to us, so we bring our expertise to you!

Just as a car locksmith is someone who is needed on a round the clock basis, so too is the residential locksmith.

Both are available as a mobile locksmith and come with the tools and skills needed. Our 24-hour locksmith may come to your home or property for any number of reasons. Yet, just as the car lockout is a common cause for a mobile locksmith to appear at the scene, so too is the house lockout.

House Lockout

We’ve all had that moment – at least once in life – in which we close a door and as it latches shut we think, “Wait, did I grab the keys?” Looking through a window we see the keys sitting on a table or we scour our pockets desperately hoping we’ll find them. This is the time to get in touch with a mobile locksmith who can get you back inside and on your way.

House Keys

Yet, there is a great deal more they can do on the premises. After all, we get a lot of calls for locksmith services after a key has snapped in a door lock.

We also make mobile locksmith visits when:

  • Someone buys a new home and wants to be sure they are the only person with access
  • When there are just too many copies of a home’s keys in the hands of friends, family and contractors
  • When a property has been burglarized or a burglary has been attempted
  • When a lock fails and needs to be replaced (which can necessitate a whole house re-key)
  • When a homeowner is concerned about security.

After all, it is a commonly known “secret” that the locks installed by many contractors are not the best, nor are they installed by pro locksmiths. This means that even a brand new home might need a house re-key or all new lock installation done. We can also recommend a deadbolt installation if that is more appropriate.

Master Key

Interestingly enough, many “single builder” communities feature locks that open to a master key. This means it has what are known as “master pins” that let it open to an array of master keys. You may want our mobile locksmith to come out and remove the pins or do a full house re-key to eliminate such a problem.

Other Locksmith Services

We are happy to come to you and find out what sort of residential locksmith services you require. We can also offer some specialized services while on the premises. For instance, we may be able to help with such unusual items as filing cabinets locked shut, old safes or vaults, large toolboxes that are locked and without keys, addressing locks on exterior gates, installing a durable lock on the communicating door between the garage and home (this is a very vulnerable spot in almost all properties), mailboxes, storage unit padlocks, and security for sliding glass doors among other mobile locksmith options.

  • You lost the keys or had your items stolen and you feel your security is compromised
  • When you wish to have every lock in the home open with a single key.
  • When you want to replace all of the locks with a new deadbolt installation or traditional lock installation

Need for Emergency Locksmith Services

Because our goal at Locksmith Pro is to become your “go to” solution for any and all locksmith services, we are more than happy to share with you some useful advice for keeping your need for emergency locksmith services to a minimum and controlling costs when you do call our mobile locksmith. Let’s look at those now…

Tips for Minimizing Emergency Issues

Before we look at ways to avoid emergencies, we want to just help you make one of the most proactive and preventative decisions from the start. What is that? It is to have our name, Locksmith Pro, and our mobile locksmith service number entered into your phone. This can be seen as helping you in several different ways. The first is a bit on the silly or superstitious side. How? Well, if you have our contact information ready for an emergency, maybe that emergency won’t happen! All optimism aside, though, if you do need a reputable mobile locksmith, do you want to spend half of an hour trying to get the number of a reliable service? Do all of the due diligence ahead of time and just be ready to act the moment that locksmith emergency strikes. We’ll arrive shortly and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your call will be answered by skilled locksmiths.


Now, what are our recommendations for working around disaster? Let’s start with those lockouts…

Remember that example we gave above of the house lockout? You walked out of the house and realized a millisecond too late that the keys were not with you? Did you know that there are ways you can reduce the changes of it happening again?

While simple fear or paranoia about a repeat performance might help, we also suggest the use of routines or mantras. They are pretty much the same thing and feature a list or mental repetition of steps or words that help you to overcome the risks of leaving keys inside your house, and your car, too.

Key Placement Strategy

Here’s what we mean: After you call our mobile locksmith for car lockout or house lockout services, you are going to be thinking of ways to avoid doing that again. We have found that people who keep their house keys on a hook by the front door, and who follow a strict exit strategy will not run the risk of a lockout.

Steps to Follow

For instance, they make a point of going through the same steps every time they reach the front door. Keys off hook, keys in pocket, open door, step out and confidently lock the door knowing the keys are with you. This can be shifted to the car, too. For instance, turn off ignition, put keys in pocket, unbuckle seat belt, open door, get out and lock it.

While that seems like a lot of fuss, just remember how lousy it felt to lock yourself out. We know that accidents happen, bad days occur and we all make mistakes, but we can guarantee that a simple routine helps.

Remain Calm

When you do make a blunder, and need our 24/7 mobile locksmith to deal with the house or car lockout, remember not to panic or get too upset. Remaining calm in such moments is far better. Why? Because, as your preferred pro locksmith, we have arrived on the scene of mobile locksmith calls to find broken windows, damaged locks, and even injured owners.

Wait for Locksmith

Rather than trying to force a door or car lock, which can damage the lock, the property and even your hands, just give us the few minutes it takes for us to arrive. We can have you up and running a lot faster than it might seem, and we’ll spare you the added costs of repainting the front door, replacing the now broken locks, repairing the busted car window, and more.


Of course, preemptive maintenance is another way you can avoid the need for emergency locksmith services.

Our mobile locksmith is the ideal resource for this sort of maintenance and upkeep. What that means is actually quite simple and straightforward. Why wait to need a house or car lockout service when you can have our mobile locksmith pay a visit at the very first signs of a problem.

Lock Repair

For instance, let’s say that it has been hot and humid and one afternoon you notice that your house key seems to be sticky and tough to turn in the lock. You might chalk it up to the weather, but that’s not likely the case. This would be the ideal time to call us for a mobile locksmith to come out and figure out what’s going on with the lock. Rather than waiting to get stuck outside in that hot weather because the lock won’t budge or the key snapped off in your hand, just strike first and have our 24/7 locksmith pay a visit.

New Lock

It could be that you need a new lock installation or deadbolt lock installation, or you may need to rekey the locks. Either way, getting it done ahead of any trouble is a great way to deal with the locks and keys in your live.

Customer Satisfaction

At Locksmith Pro, we are all about customer satisfaction. We aim to be your one-stop destination for your car locksmith, residential locksmith and mobile locksmith needs. Whether it is an emergency or some proactive upkeep, we have the skills and solutions you require.