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  • Services Offered by Residential Locksmiths

    For most people, the locks on their doors aren’t something they spend a lot of time thinking about. When you leave the house or head to bed for the night, you turn them, but it’s a habit more than anything. However, when something happens that creates a problem with a lock, suddenly those locks become seriously important. When that time comes in your life, as it does for a large number of people, a residential locksmith can be a huge help.

    However, many people don’t have a full understanding of all the things that a residential locksmith can do. There are numerous areas where they can help, but only if you know to get in touch with them to ask for assistance. Today, we’ll look at some of those situations and how a locksmith can get you out of a jam to give you back your security and privacy.

    When a Key is Lost or Has Been Stolen

    One of the most common services that residential locksmiths provide is for those who have lost a key or had a key stolen. In both of these cases, there’s the possibility of someone using the key to get inside your home without having your permission. This person might be interested in swiping your belongings or even harming you or another member of your family. This is a situation where you need to deal with the problem as quickly as possible to keep your home safe.

    You should contact a locksmith to have your locks rekeyed or replaced. The locksmith can also make new keys for you. This ensures that whoever has possession of the old key cannot enter your home. Don’t risk your own safety and that of your family over a few dollars for a repair or replacement.

    When Moving into an Apartment

    Tons of people move into new apartment homes every day. It can be an excellent option for those who don’t care for mowing their own lawns and dealing with maintenance issues on their own. Some apartment communities can be a lot of fun and for younger adults, it can be a great option for taking some freedom in life. However, when you move into an apartment, there’s often no way to knowing how many people have lived there before you did. The previous tenants were likely required to turn in their old keys when moving out, but that doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have a spare set out there somewhere.

    The best way to ensure your own privacy is by contacting a residential locksmith who can give you peace of mind that the only person entering your home is you or someone else with the new key. Give them a call and find out what options are available to you.

    When Moving into a New House

    While you might feel fairly secure moving into a new home, as you expect there are no security issues, there isn’t always true. There are often the same concerns here as when you move into an apartment building. While nobody else has lived in the home before you, that doesn’t mean that a copy of your key isn’t out there. You have no idea of who might have access to your new private space.

    The person who built the home may have a master key that allows them access into your home. There is a chance that other service personnel do, as well. Drywall contractors, flooring specialists, plumbers, and electricians all need to get into the home during construction, which may or may not mean they have a key to get in the door. When you move in, get in touch with a reputable residential locksmith to rekey or replace the locks. This will give you the security you deserve in your new home.

    When Moving into a Home New to You

    The same concerns that relate to moving into an apartment are also at hand when moving into a home whether others have lived. There is no way to know for certain who has a key to your front door, back door, or even your garage. The older the house is, the most likely it is that someone has a key stuck in a drawer somewhere that could open your home to them if they chose to do so. There may even be multiple copies of your keys out there somewhere. This is true with new homes but doubly so for used ones.

    If you are moving into a home that someone else has resided in, it’s the best option to have a residential locksmith come in. They can replace your locks or at least rekey them so the old keys will no longer work. Then you have peace of mind that nobody else can access your happy home.

    When Your Key Has Been Broken

    While this isn’t a common happening, it does occur. You go to use your key and all the wear and tear on it from using it in the past causes it to break. This can happen inside of a lock or even when dropping the key or when it experiences some sort of an impact. A broken key can be problematic, especially if it happens to break off in a lock. If there’s nobody else around with a key and it was your front door, for instance, you might be in a pickle.

    Thankfully, residential locksmiths are trained to handle this type of situation. They can visit your home and rekey the lock, cut a new key, or even replace the lock if that is needed. Make a quick phone call and get the problem resolved so you can continue on with your life.

    When You Have Been Locked Out

    While breaking a key is less common, being locked out of your home is a situation that causes many calls to a residential locksmith. It’s something that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their life. You head outside to grab the mail or the newspaper and the door shuts behind you. You turn around and jiggle the doorknob, but the handle doesn’t want to turn. At this point, you’re stuck outside and can’t get back inside. In the best situation, there will be some other way for you to get inside, but that isn’t always the case.

    If you end up locked out of your home with no resource, a locksmith can help you with the situation. Opening your door is something that a professional can do in a matter of minutes so don’t be afraid to make the call. It might be embarrassing, but it happens to everyone. Your locksmith won’t even bat an eye about offering their services to you.

    When Your Lock is Damaged

    Door locks aren’t indestructible and over time, aging and wear and tear can both lead to damage. That means that eventually they are going to wear out and end up failing. There are other situations that can cause damage to your lock, as well. For instance, if someone tries to gain entrance to your home, the lock might be damaged by their attempts. This can lead to a lock that no longer works with the key you have.

    In either of these situations, a residential locksmith can offer you some type of resolution. Often you can have the lock rekeyed, which is the simplest solution. However, if the damage is more severe, you may need to replace the entire lock and handle in order to repair the problem. Either way, it’s well worth the price to have security in your home and the ability to lock and unlock the door that has suffered the damage.

    When You Desire Single-Key Access

    Some people find it frustrating to have separate keys for the front door and the back door, especially when you also need one for the access door that is located inside of your garage. Instead of carrying around one key for your home, you end up carrying three of them just to be sure that you can always access your home in the way you desire. The more keys you have on your keychain, the more likely it also will be that one of the keys will be lost.

    Having single-key access can be a much more convenient option. A residential locksmith will show up to your home and rekey each of the doors offering access to your home in a way where a single key can be used for every single door.

    As you can see, there are tons of scenarios where a professional residential locksmith can help you when you’re in a precarious situation. Having the name and number of a reputable locksmith can save a lot of time and trouble when the time comes where you need a new key or a lock repair. Consider doing some research ahead of time to have assurance you know where to go if an emergency comes up in the future.


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